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Kunal Kaul, CSW

Welcome to my platform! I am a beverage professional with over 17 years of experience across hotel operations and hospitality education. (I’d call myself a veteran, but for those of you who prefer modesty, let’s just say I am not a newbie!) I’ve worked with the top 5-star Hotel chains like Hilton, ACCOR, Radisson and Thistle Hotels.

During my stints in France and the United Kingdom, I’ve managed to get a great deal of hands-on exposure to the wines and spirits arena. As a Wine and Spirits Trainer, I have travelled far and wide to keep adding to my knowledge and to keep abreast of what lies ahead in this fascinating journey.

As A WSET Educator, Certified Specialist of Wine (Society of Wine Educators), Certified Sherry Educator (Consejo Regulador De La DO Jerez), Certified Sake Sommelier and Sake Educator , I take pride in my subject matter expert in these areas. My passion for history has taken me on many a trail to deep-dive into a particular wine region’s most important grape.

The last few years have allowed me a microscopic view of the Indian beverage landscape. I have been following with excitement (and some degree of surprise) the emerging demand for top-notch wine and spirits training. That’s why, I am delighted to present Grape Xpectations, my Wine and Spirits school.

As an Approved Programme Provider, Grape Xpectations delivers world-class WSET training to the eager student, the aspiring professional, and even the discerning beverage afficionado through high-quality modules, tasting sessions, and study material.

Grape Xpectations is a product of passion, vision, and hope.

Come, join me as I introduce you to a whole new world!


Grape Xpectations is a Beverage training and education academy, with years of experience in Hospitality training and education. It provides WSET Level 1 and 2 in Wines. It is committed to bringing quality affordable education into India

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