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The Cicerone® Certified Beer Server program is a prestigious and comprehensive certification designed for individuals passionate about the world of craft beer. Whether you're an aspiring beer professional or simply a beer enthusiast eager to deepen your knowledge, this certification is your gateway to a world of flavors, styles, and brewing techniques.

Online Without Tastings
Fee - INR 6300 
Tutor led sessions with Tastings
28th & 29th May
Delhi NCR
Fee - INR 8250 
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What sets the Cicerone® Certified Beer Server apart is its commitment to elevating beer expertise to a professional level. Successful candidates not only gain valuable insights into the brewing process and beer history but also acquire the skills necessary to confidently guide customers through the vast array of beer choices. From understanding the importance of glassware to recommending the perfect beer for a given dish, certified beer servers become trusted ambassadors of the craft beer movement.

   Topics covered:
  • Keeping and Serving Beer
    a. Purchasing and accepting beer
    b. Serving alcohol
    c. Beer storage
    d. Draft systems
    e. Beer glassware
    f. Serving bottled beer

  • Beer Styles
    a. Understanding beer styles
    b. Style parameters
    c. History, characteristics, and flavor attributes of styles by region

  • Beer Flavor and Evaluation
    a. Taste and flavor
    b. Identify normal flavors of beer and their source
    c. Off-flavor knowledge

  • Beer Ingredients and Brewing Processes
    a. Ingredients

  • Beer & food

Whom it is aimed at:

Mixologists, Bartenders, Sommeliers, F&B professionals, Hospitality Students, and serious Beer Aficionados and Professionals. 


The exam consisting of 60 multiple choice questions. A score of 75% is required to pass. The exam has a 30-minute time limit

Payment once received will not be refunded back 
*In case the course is postponed due to insufficient registrations, the candidate can opt for a refund.
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